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Umbra Light Festival Vitoria-Gasteiz is a lighting festival that is organized annually in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz during the days of the year of least light. The festival, whose second edition will take place in November 2021, was born with the intention of introducing both visitors and citizens to the world of urban light art, so that the public could experience and interact with the latest artistic and technological expressions of this field. The festival covers artistic expressions of digital visual art, interventions in urban space and new technologies.



The Umbra Light Festival takes place in the historic center of the city (La Almendra) as well as in other relevant areas of the same, being structured through different routes that change depending on the motto of the edition and the social interests that at that time the city wants to undertake.



Umbra Light Festival is organized by ARGIA 3 Cultural Association with the support of both public and private institutions and companies. Its program includes sponsorship of young artists, as well as parallel events for professionals working in the field of public space, art students, and designers and light artists. In addition, it cooperates with different festivals and foreign professionals involved in these fields.