For Umbra Light Festival Vitoria-Gasteiz, sustainability has been a priority since its first edition. In 2022, together with more than 20 lighting festivals in Europe, it signed the ILO Sustainability Manifesto, a document drawn up by the International Light Festivals Association (ILO) to promote the sustainability in lighting festivals.

In this area, a greater effort has been made in this edition:

• Almost 100% of the installations are made with LED sources. This has made it possible to reduce electricity consumption by more than 50% compared to the previous edition.

• All the energy used is “clean”. No artwork uses a fuel-powered generator as its electrical source. Some of the artworks are powered by rechargeable electric batteries and electricity generated by solar panels.

The artworks of this edition come from and/or will be reused in other festivals in whole or in part, nothing is wasted. And the lighting equipment installed is rented in most of the artworks.

• All the materials used are or have the possibility of being recycled or reused (paper, banners, light bulbs, wiring, luminaries…)

• We encourage our artists and partners to combine resources and minimize transportation.

• Digital resources have grown: a new online map-guide has been created and the festival program is accessible and downloadable from the web.