Paseo Carmelo Bernaola 

Juan Fuentes



Inspired by the Optical Art illusions of the 1960s, Kinetic Perspective takes a simple piece as its starting point: an ever-spinning circle moving outwards and its illusory effect. Through an abstract, immersive geometric shape, the installation aims to awaken emotions and experiences in which the limit between what is real and what isn’t, is blurred, keeping everything rests on the perspective of the onlooker.

A row of eighteen illusions, each composed of two circles spinning in sync, gives the impression of a vanishing point at the eye level of visitors. Invited to actively participate and observe, the audience must move around to uncover the patterns, glimmers and distortion, in which a hidden geometry will be revealed.

Kinetics was the winner of the contest to represent the Asociación Autores de Iluminación in the Luz Madrid Festival held during October 2021.