Pasacalles de luz 

Cia Majareta

Recorrido itinerante


ACCUA: In the fascinating marine world, we will never be able to know all the existing species. Its immense depth is lost within our sight, since it is the largest habitat of the planet in which the most amazing beings are sheltered. Accua is a luminous and colourful procession that advances in its streets in a majestic way by daring puppeteers, endearing seahorses and waders that are closing this timeless marine mosaic.

SLIMY SLOW: It is a journey to a world where the small is big and the weak is strong. It is a manifesto of small and weak beings that coexist with us on planet earth, but now they are the ones who decide what they can and should not do. A comedy improvised by some very extroverted, competitive and presumptuous beings.