Quiosco de Música Parque de la Florida 

Studio & Light



Formed by 18 neon sculptures circularly organized in dialogue with the music kiosk that contains it, the installation, invites the viewer to leave behind the difficult times and look for a new fresh look. It proposes us to look for that positive memory of social cohesion that was the first edition of the festival, to be reborn and free ourselves from the recent times, and that, simply through an image already present in our past, is presented with a new spirit.

The relationship between the light and the physical space determines the intention of this installation. Fulfilling the desire with a life through time, tearing from silence the light you have within yourself. We have to find the axis to turn again, we have to turn again, turn and turn and turn again. Leaving the darkness, searching the light. Come down…, walk towards the water and you will find the life.