Parlamento Vasco

Cédric Le Borgne



They appear and disappear in the sky, between dream and reality. They contemplate the city, they explore it, they caress it, they imagine it, as the inhabitants, or the passers-by, do in their imagination.

Their travels began in Toulouse at the end of the 1990s, when Cédric Le Borgne installed his first sculptures in the streets of his neighbourhood, in a “wild” way, using street lighting and car headlights. Since then, “Les Voyageurs” have travelled the world, from Geneva to Seoul, from London to Singapore, inviting in each case to take a new look at everyday reality, to soar, to dream.

By staging the public space, the artist wants above all to celebrate the poetry of the everyday. For him, the city is a playground, a place of encounter and exchange.